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Town Hall Online has been designed to give employees a voice. Town Hall Online will help you collate suggestions and ideas helping employees work closer together as a team. Suggestions can be truly anonymous too, for those suggestions which may be sensitive or have the potential to upset mamagement or human resources teams.

Town Hall Online could also be useful where a diary or log needs to be maintained in order to highlight employee issues such as bullying or favouritism.

YES! If the creator of your town hall selects Anonymous mode, or allows members to post anonymously then you cannot be identified within the system.

If you post anonymously, try to cahnge your normal writing style or vocabulary. People are often identifiable by words they use or their unique use of grammar.

Give your Town Hall some thought, consider the level of anonymity and if your Town Hall should be company based, private or open to the public.

YES! When creating your town hall you can specify if membership is 'open' or 'invitation' based.

If you set your Town Hall to invitation mode only people you invite, or approve, will be able to join your Town Hall.