Anna Rogulskyj, Yorkshire Ripper Victim

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Anna Rogulskyj, Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Anna Patricia Brosnan was born in Tralee, County Kerry, on 21st March 1933. Fifteen-year-old Anna left home in 1948, joining her eldest sister, Helen, who had settled in the Yorkshire town of Keighley, which is eleven miles north-west of Bradford.

Anna met Roman Rogulskyj when she was working at the Waddington’s factory. Roman was a textiles-accessories maker. Anna and Roman were married on 19th February 1955 at St Anne’s Church in Keighley. Their marriage lasted eighteen years, ending in divorce in July 1973.

Anna became known as ‘Irish Annie’ in the town’s pubs and cafés. Anna went on to meet Geoffrey Hughes in one of the town's pubs. It was said to be a violent relationship as Geoffrey had previously been discharged from a psychiatric hospital with a recommendation to keep away from women for several years.

On Friday 4 July 1975, Anna told Geoff she wanted to go out alone. Following an argument Geoffrey is said to have hidden every pair of shoes she owned! Geoffrey then went out himself.

Anna found shoes and left the house. She went to her sister Helen's house - but she wasn't home.

Helen had drinks in the Victoria Hotel before catching the bus to Bradford. She visited Bibby’s, a lively West Indian club on Cornwall Terrace. 

After drinking with friends Anna was given a lift back to Keighley. She was in Keighley at midnight. 

Upon arriving home Anna noticed that Geoffrey had moved out. Anna is then understood to have headed to Geoff's house. Anna walked on Mornington Street, crossed the main road and headed into Alice Street. Whilst on North Queen Street Anna heard a man calling out to see if she ‘fancied it’. She is reported to have replied: ‘Not on your life!’ 

Geoff didn't appear to be home, so Anna returned the way she had came. As Anna passed the point where she was previously propositioned a man emerged from the shadows, asking her to have sex with him. Another refusal followed. Before reaching the relative safety of Alice Street, Peter Sutcliffe attacked her from behind.

At approximately 2.20 a.m., Anna was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood. Her clothing had been disturbed and her shoes lay a short distance from her  handbag. 

Surgeons at Leeds General Infirmary operated on Anna for twelve hours. Shards of bone were removed from Anna’s brain during the operation.

Forensic pathologist Dr Michael Green of St James University Hospital found three crescent-shaped lacerations to her skull and fractures caused by a heavy object. 

He also found:

  • Defensive bruising to her hands and right forearm  
  • Peculiar marks on her abdomen
  • A graze about seven inches long with six or seven deep scratches above it, inflicted by her attacker before he had pulled her blouse back into position 
  • There was no evidence of sexual interference

West Yorkshire Detective Superintendent Peter Perry headed the investigation, but there were few lines of enquiry. 

Anna wasn't able to recall any of the attack.

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