Did Peter Sutcliffe kill Lynda Farrow of Whitehall Road, London in 1979? | Yorkshire Ripper

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Lynda Farrow was twenty-nine years old and a mother of two children, aged eleven and eight. Lynda Farrow was also pregnant at the time of her murder. She lived in Whitehall Road, Woodford Green, East London.

Lynda was working as a croupier at the International Sporting Club in the West End.

On Monday, 19th January, 1979 Lynda finished her shift early in the afternoon and then went on a brief shopping trip with her mother, returning home alone.

Reports sugest that when Lynda arrived home her phone was ringing and she rushed in to answer it, leaving the front door ajar. Her killer followed her inside. Two schoolgirls passing by heard a scream before the door was slammed shut. 

Twenty minutes later, Lynda's two daughters arrived home unexpectedly - a snowstorm had closed their school early and their return home is understood to have disturbed the attacker. 

When the girls failed to get an answer they looked through the letterbox where they saw their mother's body lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood. 

The method used to kill Lynda was very similar to the methods used by Peter Sutcliffe to kill his known victims. She was brutally stabbed and a serrated knife was used in an attempt to sever her head. 

Footprints were found near the front door and were matched to size 7 Wellington boots.

Lynda's murder was linked by the Metropolitan Police to the following murders:

Kay O'Connor in Colchester in 1974
Eve Stratford, Leyton in 1975

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