Yorkshire Ripper Investigation


Police National Computer - Yorkshire Ripper Inquiry

Following a request from Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille on On the 26th April 1978 it was agreed to arrange for the results of the vehicle observations in "red light" areas to be processed on the Police National Computer.

Observations on vehicles in notable "red light" areas had by this time been commenced in other Northern cities within and outside West Yorkshire so that possible leads might be available to investigating officers in the event of a further Ripper crime.


April 1978 - Internal Review of the Yorkshire Ripper Inquiry

On the 25th April, 1978, following increasing concern within the West Yorkshire force that the administration of the series inquiry was being overwhelmed by the amount of information being recorded and the number of actions required to clear it, a special inquiry team under Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille was appointed to conduct an internal review of the investigation.


£5 Bank of England note - The Yorkshire Ripper Inquiry

Jean Jordan was murdered in the Greater Manchester Police area on the 1st October 1977. Her body was found on a disused allotment in Chorlton-cum-Hardy on the 10th October, nine days after her death.

An unusual and curious feature of this case was that there was evidence that the killer had returned to the scene some eight days after the murder, stripped the body and inflicted further injuries including an attempt to decapitate it.