Yorkshire Ripper Investigation


Jacqueline Hill - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

As night fell, Peter Sutcliffe made his last delivery of the day, to Kirkstall Forge in Leeds, before returning to Clark's depot at around 7 pm. Instead of heading home, Sutcliffe used a public phone box to tell his wife, Sonia, that he was in Gloucester making a delivery and would not be back until late. 

By 9pm Sutcliffe was sitting in his Rover outside the Arndale Centre. Sutcliffe was sitting in his car outside Kentucky Fried Chicken, eating a takeaway and watching people passing by. 


Theresa Sykes - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

In the early evening of Wednesday 5th, November, 1980, sixteen-year-old Theresa Sykes left the flat she shared with her boyfriend and baby son in Willwood Avenue, Huddersfield.

Theresa walked to a nearby grocery shop on the main road to buy a packet of cigarettes.


Marguerite Walls - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

On the night of Wednesday, 20th August, 1980, forty-seven year-old Marguerite Walls was working late at the education department in Pudsey, Leeds. Marguerite was due to have a vacation, so was working late to tie up loose ends.

Marguerite was considered a dedicated and diligent civil servant by all who worked with her.

Marguerite left work at 10.30pm to make the short walk home in nearby Parsley.


Barbara Leach - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

At 1am on Sunday, 2nd September, 1979, Peter Sutcliffe murdered Barbara Leach, a young student at Bradford University.

Twenty-year-old Barbara, originally from Kettering, was living in student digs whilst she attended Bradford University.

On Saturday, 1st September, 1979, Barbara Leach went with friends to the Mannville Arms public house on Great Horton Road. They left the public house at 12.45am on Sunday morning.


Josephine Whitaker - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

On the night of Wednesday, 4th April, 1979, Josephine Whitaker visited her grandparents who resided on Huddersfield Road in Halifax. Josephine wanted to show them her new watch, an expensive purchase for £60.

Josephine Walker was nineteen years old and was working as a clerk for the Halifax Building Society.


Vera Millward - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Vera Millward was a forty-year-old mother of seven children who had undergone three major operations in 1976 and 1977. Vera only had one lung and suffered from chronic stomach pains.

Vera Millward worked as a prostitute on the streets of Moss Side and Hulme in Manchester.


Helen Rytka - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Tuesday, 31st January, 1978, was a very bleak and snowy night. Despite the weather, twins Helen and Rita Rytka were out working their patch by the railway arches on Great Northern Street in Huddersfield.

At 9.25 pm, Peter Sutcliffe was cruising the area when he spotted Helen on her way back to the place where she was due to rendezvous with her sister. For safety Helen and Rita would meet every twenty minutes by the public toilets.


Yvonne Pearson - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Yvonne Pearson left home in Heaton on Saturday, 21st January, 1978, to have a few drinks and to possibly earn some money from prostitution.

At 9.30pm, Yvonne left the Flying Dutchman public house, which is on Leeds Road. Yvonne headed towards Lumb Lane in the heart of Bradford's red-light area.

Yvonne was approached by Peter Sutcliffe and they agreed on the price, £5. Sutcliffe drove Yvonne to waste ground close to Drummond's Mill. Sutcliffe's father worked at Drummond's Mill.


Marilyn Moore - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Peter Sutcliffe asked Marilyn if she was 'doing business'. After agreeing a price Sutcliffe suggested a location on Scott Hall Street, some one and a half miles away.

As Marilyn got out of the car to get into the back seat she was attacked from behind with a blow to the head. Further blows rendered Marilyn unconscious.

Sutcliffe was alarmed as a dog barked nearby. He got into his Ford Corsair and sped away. In his desire to leave the scene so quickly he left tyre tracks behind. These tracks were later matched to tyre marks at Irene Richardson's murder.


Jean Jordan - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Jean Jordan lived with her partner and two small children in a flat in Lingbeck Crescent, Manchester. She was believed to have entered into prostitution in 1975 to make ends meet. She is reported to have two police cautions for soliciting.

Jean Jordan was also known as 'Scotch Jean'.

On Monday, 26th September, 1977, the Sutcliffe's moved into their new house in Garden Lane, Heaton. On the same day Peter Sutcliffe purchased another Ford Corsair - this time it was red.