Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Anna Rogulskyj - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Anna Patricia Rogulskyj, was a slim, blonde, Irish woman from Keighley, who went on to marry Roman, a Ukrainian, in 1957. Unfortunately, they went on to divorce in 1973. 

On Friday, 4 July 1975, Anna had argued with her current boyfriend, Geoffrey Hughes, so Anna travelled to Bradford for a night out. At approximately midnight Anna headed back to Keighley. It is understood she hitchhiked from Bradford back to Keighley.

Upon arriving home Anna found that Geoff had taken his belongings and left. At around 2 am, Anna decided to go to Geoff’s house. As she was on her way a man’s voice called out to Anna asking if she “fancied it”.

Anna Rogulskyj wasn’t a prostitute and turned down the offer.

By the time Anna arrived at Geoff Hughes’ house he was out, so Anna started to head home. On the way home Anna was accosted by the same man asking once again if she “fancied it”.

As Anna made her way past the man she was brutally struck three times on the back of the head with a ball-peen hammer. The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, pulled down her panties, pulled up her blouse and slashed her exposed stomach with a knife.

Sutcliffe was disturbed by a neighbour – he rearranged Anna’s clothes and made off.

Fortunately, at 2.20 am, Anna was found and rushed to hospital. Many hours of emergency surgery saved Anna’s life.

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