Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Barbara Ann Young was found in Broxholme Lane in Hatfield after being attacked

Barbara Ann Young, 29, lived on the Happy Days caravan site at Hatfield, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. Barbara Young had two young children and supported her family by working as a prostitute.

At 8.45pm on Tuesday, 22 March, 1977, Barbara was found in Broxholme Lane in Hatfield. Although having serious head injuries, Barbara Ann Young was conscious when she was found. She told a friend that a punter had led her to an alleyway between Broxholme Lane and Christchurch Road, where he had attacked her.

Barbara was put to bed by a friend. Unfortunately she died from her appalling injuries. 

Broxholme Lane was close to the M1 motorway, which was littered with lorry parks and cheap hotels.

It has been suggested that Peter Sutcliffe knew this area well due to his various driving jobs.

Barbara's post-mortem revealed that her skull was fractured, causing a massive haemorrhage. 

South Yorkshire Police launched a murder inquiry. Reports suggest that South Yorkshire Police didn't pass the details of Barbara's horrific attack on to their colleagues in Leeds. Barbara's injuries were very similar to those of Wilma McCann, Emily Jackson and Irene Richardson.

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