Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Marguerite Walls - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

On the night of Wednesday, 20th August, 1980, forty-seven year-old Marguerite Walls was working late at the education department in Pudsey, Leeds. Marguerite was due to have a vacation, so was working late to tie up loose ends.

Marguerite was considered a dedicated and diligent civil servant by all who worked with her.

Marguerite left work at 10.30pm to make the short walk home in nearby Parsley.

At this time, Peter Sutcliffe was driving through the area on his way to Chapeltown in Leeds.

Sutcliffe hurriedly parked his car and strode after her, eventually passing her. As Marguerite walked past the imposing home of a local magistrate, Sutcliffe leapt out shouting, 'Filthy prostitute!'.

Sutcliffe smashed his hammer repeatedly into the back of her skull. Marguerite managed to scream. Sutcliffe used a new method and grabbed her by the throat and looped a length of rope around her neck. Using the rope he dragged her up the driveway and into a high-walled garden.

Once under the protection of the garden, Sutcliffe kneeled on her chest, and garrotted her with the rope.

After she had died Sutcliffe ripped off her clothes and threw them around the garden. He covered her body with grass cuttings and leaves.

Gardeners found Marguerite's body the next morning. 

A post-mortem later that day revealed two deep injuries to her skull-both consistent with a hammer attack - and three broken ribs. There was also clear evidence of sexual activity as the pathologist noted three scratches, which were probably made by fingernails, on the outside of her vagina. 

With another murder in Leeds, involving a hammer attack, the press were asking if this was another Ripper murder.

The man heading up the hunt for Marguerite Walls' killer, Detective Chief Superintendent Jim Hobson, was quick to refute the suggestion. Hobson announced: " We do not believe this is the work of the Yorkshire Ripper. My feelings are that it is a local man who did this murder. I have a team of detectives at Miss Walls' house looking for addresses of male and female friends".

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