Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Maureen Long - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

On the night of Saturday, 9th July, 1977, the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe left his wife, Sonia, at home in Tanton Crescent and drove off in his white Ford Corsair. Sutcliffe headed in the direction of Lumb Lane, which was in the red-light district of Bradford.

Maureen Long was living with an 'occasional' partner in Farsley, Leeds. Maureen Long had never been a prostitute - she was a 42-year-old mother. She was separated from her husband but they remained on good terms.

On the same night that Sutcliffe left home on the prowl Maureen Long had left home for a night out in Bradford.

During her night out she had bumped into her husband who offered her a bed for the night at his house in Laisterdyke, Bradford.

Maureen was seen at the Mecca ballroom in Manningham, dancing in a long black dress. Witnesses said that Maureen left the Mecca at approximately 2am, and she was definitely intoxicated. 

Peter Sutcliffe saw her leaving the Mecca and pulled his Ford Corsair over to offer her a lift. She accepted his offer and got into the car. 

After getting on well in the car Maureen allegedly told Sutcliffe that they could have sex at Maureen's house if it was empty. The house wasn't empty, so Sutcliffe drove Maureen to Bowling Back Lane. 

Maureen said she needed to urinate before anything happened. As Maureen crouched down to urinate Sutcliffe hit the back of Maureen's head with a hammer. After she had slumped to the ground he pulled down her tights and panties and stabbed her in the chest, stomach and back. One wound stretched from her breasts to below the navel. 

Sutcliffe was disturbed by a barking dog, so he left Maureen for dead. 

Two women living in a nearby gypsy caravan found Maureen at 8am the following morning. She was still alive, but seriously injured. 

Maureen Long was initially taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary where they did enough to keep her alive before transferring her to the specialist head injuries unit at Leeds General Hospital. 

Maureen Long was unable to describe her attacker or the car.

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