Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Patricia Atkinson - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

Patricia Atkinson was a 32-year-old divorcee who had three children living with her in Bradford. The flat was on the outskirts of Bradford's red-light area.

On Saturday, 23rd April, 1977, Patricia, or Tina, as she was more commonly known, had a night out in Manningham.

Patricia was well known in the pubs around Manningham and had a reputation for drinking heavily. At 11pm Patricia was seen heading towards Church Street.

Just after this Patricia was picked up by kerb-crawling Peter Sutcliffe. They agreed to 'do business' and Patricia Atkinson took Peter Sutcliffe back to her small flat.

Records show that Peter Sutcliffe hung up his coat as he entered the flat. Sutcliffe then retrieved a hammer from the coat pocket and inflicted four vicious blows to Patricia's head. Sutcliffe then took Patricia to the bedroom and put her onto the bed, where he ripped open her jacket and blouse. He then pulled down her jeans and panties.

Sutcliffe then proceeded to stab Patricia with a chisel, first in the stomach, then in the back, before returning to the stomach.

As Sutcliffe left he pulled Patricia's jeans up and threw bed linen over her body. Sutcliffe then made his way back home in Tanton Crescent.

The murder scene in Patricia Atkinson's flat produced vital evidence:

Sutcliffe had left his size 7 boot print on a bed sheet. These would later prove to be the same as those left at the scene of Emily Jackson's murder.

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