Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Olivia Reivers - The prostitute in the car of Peter Sutcliffe when he was caught

On Friday 2nd January, 1981, in Broomhall Street, Sheffield, Olivia Reivers was picked up by Peter Sutcliffe in his Rover, which was displaying false number plates belonging to a Skoda.

They parked in a driveway of the Light Trades House where Sutcliffe handed Olivia a £10 note for sex.

Luckily for Olivia Reivers, PC Robert Hydes and Sergeant Robert Ring, who were based at Hammerton Road police station, were on duty when they spotted Sutcliffe's car parked in the driveway.

Sutcliffe and Reivers were arrested on suspicion of theft and taken to Hammerton Road police station. Sutcliffe later admitted to being the Yorkshire Ripper whilst in custody.

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