Yorkshire Ripper Investigation

Rosemary Stead was attacked in the small village of Queensbury

Rosemary Stead was an eighteen-year-old shop worker working for Sandmartin Supermarket in Wakefield Road, Bradford.

On the evening of Wednesday, 6th January 1976, Rosemary Stead left the Supermarket slightly later than usual and missed her bus home.

Rosemary reached the small village of Queensbury which is on the moors at approximately 6.30 pm. It was after dark. As she was walking Rosemary was viciously struck from behind with a blunt object. Rosemary was unconscious when her attacker made of. The attack was witnessed by pedestrians and drivers.

The attacker was described as:

  • Twenty-five to thirty years old;
  • Five feet nine inches tall;
  • Slim build;
  • With dark hair;
  • Moustache and beard;

Analysis in recent years suggest that this case should have been linked with the earlier attacks on Anna Rogulskyj and Tracy Browne.

There were conversations surrounding the similarity of Rosemary's attack to that of Wilma McCann.

Because Rosemary Stead was a shop worker, and not a sex worker, this case remained unlinked to other attacks.

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